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The Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum (경기도자박물관)

In the Museum

Ceramic Culture Hall: This hall introduces the various types of Korean ceramics and their base materials. It also offers opportunities for visitors to look into ceramic production techniques and get a hands-on experience.

Special Exhibition Hall: New exhibitions take place here every few months with the theme relating to Korean ceramics or Korean art history more generally.

Permanent Exhibition Hall: The permanent exhibition hall displays pottery from the Goryeo dynasty to the present and is also where the World Ceramic Biennale of Korea takes place. The exhibition titled Wonder Porcelains from Goryeo to Joseon demonstrates the transition process from celadon (greenish porcelain) to white porcelain. By understanding this, we can see the wide range of aesthetics within Korean history.

The modern ceramic exhibition displays contemporary wares made by some of the country’s greatest artisans. Their works demonstrate the unique blend of contemporary tastes with a traditional flavor.

Additional Facilities

The museum holds a symposium each year on the study of Korean ceramics. There are also numerous educational programs to learn about and create your own ceramics. For more information, please visit the museum website (details below).

The Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum covers a vast area with many other facilities on site. For example, it would be a shame to miss the large, outdoor sculpture parks (Spain Sculpture Park, Ceramic Exposition Sculpture Park), amusement facilities (Clay Play Park, playground), two wood-fire kilns, Korean traditional garden, tea ceremony house, and small shop on the grounds.

Additionally, the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum is also home to the Sindae-ri kiln site. This kiln is an archetypal white porcelain kiln from the late 15th century.


Opening Hours: 9am-6pm, Closed Mondays and New Year’s Day
Admission: Adults (3,000), Youth (3,000), Children (2,000), Soldiers (2,000), Gyeonggi-do Residents (2,000), Group 20+ (2,000 pp)
Free admission: Seniors 65+, Children under 7 years, persons with disabilities and their escorts, guide of a group
Telephone: 031-799-1500
Fax: 031-799-1519
Address in English: 727 Gyeongchungdae-ro, Gonjiam-eub, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do 12805
Address in Korean: 12805 경기도 광주시 곤지암읍 경충대로 727
Website: Click Here

How to Get Here by BUS: Take No. 1113-1 from East Seoul Terminal and depart at Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum. Take 500-1 from Jamsil Station and depart at Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum. Take 500-2 from Nambu Terminal and depart at Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum.

By SUBWAY: Arrive at Gonjiam Station (Gyeonggang Line) and transfer to bus 300 before departing at the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum. Arrive at Chowol Station (Gyeonggang Line) and transfer to bus 300, 1113-1, 500-1, 500-2, or 114 and depart at Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum.

The museum kindly welcomes donations.

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