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Icheon’s Termeden Spa

One Sunday morning, I packed up my long-forgotten swimsuit, chucked it into the car, and headed for Icheon. This time I wasn’t just driving through to somewhere more well-known or going to check out the local pottery village. This time, I was headed for the famous Termeden Spa, an indoor and outdoor spa designed after the ones I knew so well back in Germany. I was excited about what I would find, and it didn’t disappoint. I’m going to give you a breakdown of everything the spa has to offer to help you prepare for your amazing day trip.

Day Price: 32,000 won (weekday) / 36,000 won (weekend/holiday)
Children Price: 22,000 / 26,000
Opening Times: 9AM – 7PM
Phone: +82 31-645-2000
Website (Korean):
Address: 988, Sasil-ro, Moga-myeon, Icheon, Gyeonggi-do 17406, South Korea

Although I couldn’t find any information on their website, the spa seemed to be handicap friendly. There are elevators and large walkways for all of the spa areas.

Dress Code & Indoor Facilities

Of course, you’re gonna come to Termeden for some ‘me time’. That means hot baths and 100% relaxation (aside from the screaming children). There are just a few things you should know before you completely get your self-care on.

First thing’s first. Most Korean people don’t wear bikinis or even one-piece suits. Not in the spa, not on the beach. Both men and women tend to wear suits that have a top and a bottom. Now, there’s no rule about this, so if you want to show off that hot bod, go for it. But, if you’re a bit on the shy side, you can prepare in advance or buy something at Termeden’s store. I ended up getting some pink board shorts there for 48,000 won and that was the cheapest option.

Secondly, you don’t have to spend the whole day in the pool! There are so many different things to do aside from the spa that’ll make the whole trip more enjoyable. For one, there’s an entire Korean Jjimjilbang (sauna). It has 4 different rooms with varying temperatures, my favorite being the salt room. There are also resting areas with body-length pillows for cuddling your S.O. or just star-fishing it by yourself.

As always, the bathhouses are separated by gender. Each one offers several large tubs at different temperatures. Want to get your dead skin ripped off? Don’t worry – they have that too, albeit at an additional cost. The best part about this particular bathhouse is that it extends outside. Large walls block each section, so total privacy is guaranteed. Remember – you have to be butt naked in order to go into the baths.

You can also find a massage parlor and massage chairs, a children’s playground, a fitness club, a PC room, and even conference rooms (just in case you want to bring the whole company along).

Outdoor Pools

The outdoor pools were the real gems for me and the main reason I’m itching to go back. There are 8 outdoor pools at various temperatures and with different purposes.

My top choice is probably the Pavilion Pool, which had the hottest temperatures by far. When you have chronic bronchitis, the hotter really is the merrier. Something about the cool air and contrastingly hot (burning, really) water was oh-so-satisfying.

The big win for the most entertaining pool was easily the swim-up bar and its surrounding pool. For about 6,000 won per beer, it’s a great way to relax in a more ‘mature’ way. You can take your adult beverage into the neighboring pool as well, which has tables and seats inside of the water! Talk about living that luxurious life, amma right?!

It seems that during the winter the children’s pool is closed, so head here with the family in the warmer months. Thankfully, the water slide was still open and was, to say the least, a lot faster than I anticipated. Hold onto your board shorts, kids. But, don’t worry – children are allowed in all of the other pools.

Indoor Pools

Most of the indoor pools are combined into one. Inside there are massage pumps, a mini waterfall, in-pool showers, and spaces for sitting. This was one of the busiest parts of the spa, likely because it avoids slippery sidewalks for children and offers a wider space.

You can also find ‘fish therapy’ near the pools. Curious? This is where the dead skin cells from your feet are removed by hungry fish. Yum. I personally didn’t partake in this, so I can’t say if it’s worth it or not.

Food & Drink

The food was surprisingly good at a reasonable price. There’s a snack bar with various Korean snacks and sweets next to the sauna rooms if you’re looking for something quick. They also sell smaller meals like seaweed soup and mixed-rice dishes. Most options aren’t vegan or vegetarian-friendly, so prepare in advance if you’re hoping for something specific.

For a more filling meal, head to the Cafeteria or even outside to grab some BHC chicken (only available in the warmer months)! All of you Chimaek 치맥 fans know what to do!

As I mentioned before, there’s also a swim-up bar in the outdoor pool that offers non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, as well as some simple snacks. In the summer months, you can find the Garden Cafe on the side of the spa under a long string of fairy lights.


Although I only went for a day trip, it’s possible to stay at the spa overnight. Even better, you can do so in a small caravan or a traditional Korean house. A single caravan is 320,000 won per night and comes with an outdoor seating space. The traditional house (of which there is only one, suitable for up to 6 people) and VIP caravan costs 360,000 to rent out. The park isn’t massive, so book about a month in advance if you’re set on staying over a weekend.

Special Events

There seems to be a lot of events happening here. I didn’t attend for any particular reason other than to escape the hubbub of city life, but if you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone, you should regularly check their website. It seems like this winter there was a photo contest, a Winter Fiesta, and New Year’s Event among others. It also appears that in the warmer months there are regular pool parties for both kids and adults.

I had a really enjoyable time at Termeden Spa. It was double the price of a Jjimjilbang for 5x more options. Even though it was busy during the winter months, I felt like I was really able to relax. I can’t wait to go again with some friends – maybe even renting a caravan this time?

Have you been to Termeden Spa? What’s the best spa you’ve ever been to? What would you like to see the most from this spa? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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