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What’s Han Your Mind: The Podcast!

We have great news!

Maybe you’ve already guessed it from the title of this post, but we have an exciting and wonderful (well, at least to us) update to share! What could be better during these coronavirus times (oh yeah, we made a post about that too) than self-isolating with a bit of nonsensical conversation? And by that we definitely mean a podcast.

Do you enjoy hearing people ramble about strange discoveries? Are you too busy cleaning the dishes to pay attention to Youtube? Or maybe you’re just sick of watching Adam Sandler disasters on Netflix and Bake Off re-runs. We hear you. So, we wanted to offer you something new. This ‘something’ is our brand new weekly recording, aptly titled ‘What’s Han Your Mind: The Podcast’! Designed to create a virtual community of likeminded people, we want to share amazing stories of our home, Korea, with you.

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

When you search ‘Korea’ in any podcast app, you’ll have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for anything that isn’t academic or language-related. And while there are some really amazing listens out there related to the Peninsula, options can be limited for something more easy-going.

We were inspired based on our unique backgrounds. Hannah’s a to-do list expert. Wanna know the off-the-beaten-track cafes and photo-ops around town? Sit down with a matcha latte, listen, and we’re in business. Allie’s interested in all things dusty, and by that we mean straight-up ancient. Old music, old food, old architecture – but never boring. These two sides of Korea aren’t easily accessible to everyone; most immerse themselves in either one or the other. That’s where What’s Han Your Mind: The Podcast comes in: to share a more encompassing viewpoint of Korean culture with you.

We realized that between the two of us we could speak about nearly anything (in an expert nature or not), which led us to the concept for this podcast:

One word. Three stories.

Each week, we’ll discuss a single word in relation to Korea in any way that we see fit. Cheese? Glass? Laundry Soap? Roses? All of them have stories itching to be heard, and we’re just getting started. That means new places to add to your travel bucket list, amazing stories of historical shenanigans, and of course endless questions about this amazing country.

Where can I listen?

Tune in for updates every Friday on our Anchor page! Click here! You can also play the podcast on your Spotify account.

Is there a word you want to hear us rant about? Don’t be shy – ask us about anything (except maybe anything toooo naughty, you cheeky rabble-rousers). We’re always up for a challenge. Leave a comment below or on the podcast page and we’ll be sure to feature it in a future episode.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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